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NPP/Z06 Mild Adjustable Control Kit

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Pay just $29.99 to have the ultimate ability to adjust the sound of your NPP or Z06 exhaust?  We all know NPP / Z06 exhaust is the Jekyll and Hyde of exhausts, allowing you to have it stock quiet or straight pipe loud.  I have been playing with all kinds of options in controlling the system. 
Since I installed the NPP mufflers on my 05, I find as many others do they just leave it open 95% of the time, generally because the closed position is dead quite.  I just wished it was just a little louder in the closed (quiet) position.  So for the past few months, I have been trying to develop an easy to install, easy to adjust way to control the sound in the closed position.  It’s been in testing for a few months and is now ready for sale.
My new NPP/Z06 Mild Adjustable Control Kit is only $29.99 ($19.99 if you purchase it with my Mild2Wild wireless controller).
The kit comes with 2 custom stainless collars and one extended length Allen wrench. Installation is very simple and fool proof.
1. Remove one allen screw and loosen the other all the way
2. Slip the collar over the actuator rod
3. Align the open screw hole
4. Install the other Allen screw using the provided tool
5. Set the position and tighten both screws
6. Loosen the screws to readjust anytime
The results are amazing I set them to be ” open,.  Closed at idle you can just tell it’s not the stock exhaust as it has a nice enhanced exhaust tone.  The real difference is on the road.  Now in the closed setting, the exhaust has a mild but noticeable exhaust note.  Just louder than stock, but not the loud open pipe sound of the system in the full open position.  When under moderate acceleration, you now hear the exhaust and any burble or popping is greatly reduced. 
Setting it to 3/4” open you can even get some additional sound before it opens over 3000-3500 RPM. 
I believe this coupled with my Mild2Wild wireless controller give you the best of both worlds. And for those that don’t like the open sound below 3000 RPM, this offers the option of some added sound at idle, and above.
This will not damage the NPP/Z06 actuators since they are closed on vacuum, this kit just makes them stop a little earlier.

NPP/Z06 Mild Adjustable Control Kit = $29.99

Mild2Wild and NPP/Z06 Mild Adjustable Control Kit = $109.99


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