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From Manual:

"Vehicles with the Z51 performance package have greaseable outer ends on both of the rear toe-links. Under normal use, lubrication should be performed asdescribed in the maintenance schedule. See Scheduled Maintenance on page 6-4 and Recommended Fluids and Lubricants on page 6-12. If you use the vehicle for racing, lubrication should be performed at the end of each racing day. "

Went to Pepboys and picked up a gun and a tube of Mobil 1 synthetic grease. You can get guns from $9.99 - $34 (I got the $34) the flex hose is a must unless you want to pull the tire.

They did a good job hiding it. It's actually tucked behind the rotor in the rear. It's not necessary to remove the tire if you have a gun with a flex hose.

Once the gun was primed give it 3-5 pumps



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