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NPP in a Box Vacuum Retrofit System

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NPP in A Box will turn any C6 into a Bi-mode exhaust equipted car, you provide the mufflers, I provide the rest.
If you already have NPP (bi-mode) mufflers from the factory, just purchase Mild2Wild

We now have the E-Z Tap for both LS2 and LS3 motors.  This provides a much easier way to tap the vacuum.  5 min and your done as compared with trying to access the back of the intake (almost imposable) and saves hours of frustration


NPP in a BOX (with optional selectable start up mode - lets you select if it starts loud or quite) $199.99

Optional LS2 / LS3 E-Z Vacuum tap $15.99  (allows for a much easier vacuum tap from the front of the intake, can only be purchased with npp in a box, not sold separately)

Engine Type

LINK TO MILD2WILD (if you already have the OEM NPP exhaust)

Also See: Adjustable NPP/Z06 Mild Control Kit

Just install the NPP mufflers from GM add NPP IN A BOX and you will have a fully functional NPP system that will use my Mild2Wild (included).  All the parts needed are provided to allow you to tap engine vacuum to operate you mufflers (just like the OEM system).  No special tools needed and average install is 30min, very simple.


What makes NPP in a BOX your only choice

**Very Low Operating Current = (less than 1/2 amp) generally systems like this take a few amps so NPP in a box will never / compromise your $80K car

**Ease Of Installation = A 15 minute simple install, 8 page color picture instructions

**Quality Of Components = Not only have I been working with the leaders in vacuum control, Each component (enclosure, components, wire and connectors) are the best you can use.

**All Parts Are Included except the Mufflers (see below) = All tubing, fittings, controllers are included.


GM Muffler parts numbers

2009 and up need




2008 and below need




Contact Patrick Trageser at




8 pages of full color instructions
All orders are built to order and ship in 3-5 days.

NPP in a Box Instructions

**Comes with a 90 day warrantee**


NPP on my 2005 (video)

NPP with Headers on a 2006 (video)

More On Mild2Wild Exhaust Control (included in NPP in a Box)

No refunds or returns on this item.  If defective it will be replaced only.


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