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Generally I do not pre-announce products but this one is to good to hold off. As I hinted (documented here on 7/19/07) this is the FIRST stand alone that eliminates the GM OEM vacuum system. I have been working on a way for 2005 –2007 owners to retrofit the 2008 NPP exhaust into their cars. This product will also allow 2008 owners to add NPP if they did not order it from the factory.

The products name will be “NPP IN A BOX”. NPP IN A BOX will be a self-contained system that does not require the difficult task of purchasing all the GM parts and running the vacuum system but will work with the OEM NPP mufflers. Just install the NPP mufflers from GM add NPP IN A BOX and you will have a fully functional NPP system that will use my Mild2Wild as the wireless controller with an RPM option.

The product is in the last stages of testing and will be available in 3-4 weeks. I can’t get into all the details since we are also working with a major aftermarket exhaust company that will use NPP IN A BOX as it’s solution. We are also in the process of trademark, and patent applications so all I will say is that NPP IN A BOX will be the most cost effective and easiest solution to the NPP retrofit process.

It will be a simple DIY install and take 15-20 minutes, offering all the functions of the OEM NPP plus more.

More info shortly, finial price to be announced soon, but it will be less than the GM parts alone.

If you want to be put on a waiting list please send me an email you will not be charged until the product is ready to ship

Installed in the rear storage compartment


Optional Cover


NPP in a Box (DEMO Video)

NPP Mufflers / NPP in a Box Installed on my C6 (VIDEO)


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